GoFundMe: Is Something I Would Never do!

Hello, I’m back with a quick blog. For the past 2 weeks I have really been focused on finding grants and other means to invest, restructure, rebuild my business since the Covid-19 crisis. I wish I would have started this task from the beginning but what matters is I’m on top of it now. I discovered another grant. This one is sponsored by GoFundMe. I was reluctant at first because asking for donations from my peers and strangers is something I do not do. But if I want any chance of being awarded this grant, I needed to humble myself. And that’s what I’m doing. If you have read this far, please click on the link GoFundMe-Jackie O'Management. Any amount will help reach my goal and will be appreciated. Thank you!

“As part of the Small Business Relief Initiative, GoFundMe, Intuit QuickBooks, Yelp, GoDaddy, and Bill.com have each donated to the Small Business Relief Fund. GoFundMe.org, the charitable and advocacy arm of GoFundMe, started the Small Business Relief Fund to benefit small businesses. Supporters can donate to the Small Business Relief Fund, which will issue $500 matching grants to qualifying businesses that raise at least $500 on GoFundMe. More partners will be announced in relation to this initiative at a later date.”

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